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C&D (Microservices) Ltd.


Supporting professionals since 1942


We have a selection of accessories that can accompany your pair of loupes of optimum comfort. Take a look at our accessories

TTL Loupes

Our TTL (Though-the-Lens) Galilean or Prismatic Technar Loupes combined with a choice of frames make an unbeatable package for style, optical performance and quality. They are available in precise working distances and three different powers.


The advantages of TTL Loupes over Flip Up type are their reduced weight, greater field of view and we make them specially to suit your prescription.


Loupes do tend to take a little time to get used to, but that is soon forgotten, when the ability to see in greater detail leads to higher quality dentistry and surgical work.


We offer a free evaluation service which allows you to get the best out of a pair of C&D loupes. Our Loupes come with a Lumibright 2 LED light as standard.  Most people don't want to give them back!


Call us on 01442 -890744 for further info.


Take a look at our selection below.

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