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C&D (Microservices) Ltd.


Supporting professionals since 1942

Our History

C&D (Scientific Instruments) Ltd. was established in 1942 by two optical professionals Mr Chandler & Mr Dicker. Using their extensive education in optics, theysuccessfully practised their optical engineering to secure contracts with the MOD in the early years.


In the sixties they expanded the business further into education with microprojectors and microscopes, which were exported all over the world. Other products included a microscope for Audiophiles who wanted to inspect their Stylus for wear and decline in quality.  


In the seventies & eighties the influx of inexpensive Japanese imports enabled C&D to change direction into industrial optical instruments.


In the Eighties the company was sold to Microservices who specialised in servicing of microscopes and its own optical products. The forming of the new company expanded its customer base and products, producing optical instruments for the dental, opthalmic, civil and sugar industry.


In the early nineties the new firm called C&D (Microservices) Ltd produced the only british made Intra-oral camera for the dental industry.  



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