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Dental Microplaque

  • After seeing the image of their live plaque, patients will fully understand the importance of good oral hygiene. 

  • Hygiene appointments will increase to an otherwise unachievable level. 

  • Patients will want advice on the use and purchase of oral hygiene products. 

  • The "Microplaque" will play a huge role in promoting & developing a preventative/dental health style of practice.

  • The "Microplaque" will connect to a computer with capture card or LCD TV.

  • We offer a free demonstration on this product. Call for further details 01442 890744.

Microplaque picture

What our customers say....

Elliot Stevenson-Smith writes

"I just love the patient's easy grasp of the fact that there's something alive down there and their haggle free wish to have it removed. And that is the start of a life long commitment to preventative dentistry."


Mervyn Druian Writes

The bacterial activity seen is often dramatic and the patient's response is one of amazement. The different bacteria and blood cells can be explained to the patient and treatments discussed. After a course of therapy another demonstration takes place and progress is monitored. Far fewer bacteria should be present with perhaps only a few spiracheates with relatively low motility. The patient is usually a very keen participant in this exercise.

The use of microscopes has had a huge impact on the patient's interest in oral hygiene".